The (almost) ultimate guide to buying an Android smartphone

Buying an iPhone is easy. There are only a few around. Buying an Android smartphone is an entirely different matter. In 2015, Open Signal counted more than 24 000 unique Android devices. So if you are a journalist or a PR professional which Android phone is perfect for you? This article will help you sort […]

Basic Mobile Journalism Apps for iOS and Android

I compiled these Basic Mobile Journalism Apps for iOS and Android for a conference in Rome this May. The Goethe-Institut and the Associazione Nazionale Filmaker e Videomaker Italiani invited me as a speaker and trainer for their Newsmaker Lab (Agenda in German). As a panelist, I’m going to talk about the situation of smartphone journalism in German […]

MojoMeeting: erstes deutsches Barcamp zu Mobilem Journalismus

  Das erste deutsche Barcamp zu mobilem Journalismus, das #MojoMeeting, hat am 23.2.2018 in Bochum stattgefunden. Es ist bei Teilnehmern und Referenten so gut angekommen, dass Kai Rüsberg und ich weitere solcher Barcamps planen wollen. Hier ein paar Eindrücke: #MojoMeeting Bochum 23.2.2018