6 Tipps: So startest Du perfekt in den Smartphone-Journalismus

Live von einer Demonstration berichten, ein Interview filmen und das Material auf dem Weg zurück in die Redaktion bearbeiten oder eine Insta-Story für die Lokalzeitung hochladen: Mobiler Journalismus (Mojo) bedeutet, dass Du journalistische Stories unterwegs produzierst, vor allem mit einem Smartphone. Hier ist (fast) alles, was Du wissen musst, um ein mobiler Journalist zu werden […]

Basic Mobile Journalism Apps for iOS and Android

I compiled these Basic Mobile Journalism Apps for iOS and Android for a conference in Rome this May. The Goethe-Institut and the Associazione Nazionale Filmaker e Videomaker Italiani invited me as a speaker and trainer for their Newsmaker Lab (Agenda in German). As a panelist, I’m going to talk about the situation of smartphone journalism in German […]

The iOS app Soundcircles combines photos with sound

Soundcircles is the new kid on the block, a relatively new app that could be great for audio-visual storytelling. It’s pretty similar to JamSnap which I introduced here three years ago. Both apps let you combine an image with audio. JamSnap had vanished from Apple’s app store for a while but has re-entered it right […]