Android App „Foundbite“ lets you combine photos and sound

Veröffentlicht Veröffentlicht in werkzeugkasten (Photo: cc by 2.0, stephanr66) My Android App of the month is called Foundbite. The great thing is that you can combine photos with sound – like in the example above. I imagine it could be a nice way to produce interviews for the web: shoot photos of the interviewee and record his quotes […]

Why Android smartphones are an excellent alternative to Apple devices in developing countries

Veröffentlicht Veröffentlicht in meine meinung, werkzeugkasten

Android smartphones can be an excellent alternative to Apple’s iPhones, especially in developing countries: journalists can choose from a great variety of phones which start at affordable prices. Many Android phones have exchangeable batteries. And they can be rooted and flashed with alternative operating systems which provide updates for older phones and make them run […]