Basic Android Mojo Apps (2017)

UPDATE: you’ll find the latest list of 2018 here! This is a revised list of apps which I have tested for Mobile Journalism. I used four different Android smartphones to see on what devices the apps work. Fragmentation is still a major problem in the Android world. And you will notice that not all apps […]

Can you do mobile reporting with a 111 Euro smartphone?

Intro When journalists talk about mobile journalism or mobile reporting, they mostly talk about Apple devices. The iPhone is their tool of choice. And no doubt it’s a very powerful smartphone. However, for the last years the top Android phones have caught up and offer an interesting – and often less expensive – alternative. But what about […]

Kurztest: das interne Mikrofon des Galaxy SII

Sieht zwar komisch aus, aber der Windschutz hilft gut bei Außenaufnahmen. Der Kurztest mit der App iRig Recorder zeigt, dass sich mit dem internen Mikrofon des Samsung Galaxy SII ein klarer, rauschfreier O-Ton aufnehmen lässt. Geschnitten am Mac mit dem Programm Audacity. Bitte das Foto anklicken, um das Klangbeispiel zu hören.