Digital Storytelling: Apps for Social Media and Mobile Journalism

The following charts are part of my talks and workshops at MojoFest, in Galway (June 6-8): Workshop 1: Mobile Storytelling for Social Media (June 7, 2.00 – 2.30 p.m.) Workshop 2: Mobile Reporting with Android Phones (June 8, 4.00 – 5.30 p.m.) And don’t miss my “Epic Battle between the Plattforms: iOS versus Android” with […]

The (almost) ultimate guide to buying an Android smartphone

Buying an iPhone is easy. There are only a few around. Buying an Android smartphone is an entirely different matter. In 2015, Open Signal counted more than 24 000 unique Android devices. So if you are a journalist or a PR professional which Android phone is perfect for you? This article will help you sort […]

Digitales Storytelling (4): Tools – Adobe Spark Page

Ich habe ein neues, kostenfreies Tool für Digital Storytelling ausprobiert: Adobe Spark Page. Damit kann man sehr schnell recht ansehnliche Scrollytelling-Reportagen zusammenstellen. Ich habe dabei dasselbe Material benutzt wie bei meinem Test des Online-Tools ShorthandSocial. Damit ist ein Vergleich der beiden Lösungen gut möglich.