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Adapter for Apple’s iPhone 7

Hi, Apple users! A new leaked photo shows the adapter (above) that will solve all your problems due to the lack of the head jack. It’s manufactured by a Shenzen based company called Friendly Luck. Otherwise, it’s best known for it’s waving cats (bottom).



Android App „Foundbite“ lets you combine photos and sound

(Photo: cc by 2.0, stephanr66)

My Android App of the month is called Foundbite. The great thing is that you can combine photos with sound – like in the example above.

I imagine it could be a nice way to produce interviews for the web: shoot photos of the interviewee and record his quotes right away. In any case, Foundbite is a wonderful tool to create a new journalistic genre in the web.

Thus, Foundbite is a good alternative to the app JamSnap which is iOS only.

An alternative visual storytelling tool – albeit without sound – is the app Legend:

Der Journalist Bernhard Lill zeigt, wie man die app Legend als storytelling tool nutzen kann.

Trailer: Multimediales Projekt der Akademie für Publizistik

Am Dienstag, den 26. Mai, starte ich mit 19 Volontären der Hamburger Akademie für Publizistik ein multimediales Projekt. Schwerpunkt: mit dem Smartphone filmen, fotografieren, live streamen, produzieren. Einen Trailer zum Projekt gibt es schon jetzt: