Schlagwörter: Seminar

Why teaching Mobile Journalism with Android devices can be challenging

At Mojocon 2016 in Dublin, Javier Cabrera and Óscar Oncina of Yos Contenidos interviewed me about teaching Mojo in Germany. Here are my answers. //It’s also interesting what Mark Egan, BBC’s Marc Blank Settle and RTÈ’s Philip Bromwell have to say about Mobile Journalism in this video. But they’re mainly talking iPhones 😉 //

P.S. There’s one thing I wish I hadn’t said in this interview: that if you produce videos for TV you might want to grab an iPhone. I must have been (1) distracted (2) befuddled by a previous talk with Wytse Vellinga or (3) most likely both. 🙂

Trailer: Multimediales Projekt der Akademie für Publizistik

Am Dienstag, den 26. Mai, starte ich mit 19 Volontären der Hamburger Akademie für Publizistik ein multimediales Projekt. Schwerpunkt: mit dem Smartphone filmen, fotografieren, live streamen, produzieren. Einen Trailer zum Projekt gibt es schon jetzt: